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R Factor, Inc., is a certified and trained energy contractor offering repairs and services with complementary rebates!

What better way to maintain and increase your home's comfortable, healthy environment than by contacting R Factor, Inc., today? We strive to provide each homeowner we serve with outstanding service that saves them as much money as possible, as well as adding value to their home.

Through a home energy audit, we will be able to identify those areas in your home that may be costing you money you weren't even aware you were spending! Once the areas are pointed out, we then suggest the perfect repairs, upgrades and installations that pay for themselves! Even better is the fact that we're trained and certified to perform the work, or we know just the people who can help.

We are all about savings at R Factor, Inc., and want to direct your attention to any and all rebate programs and incentives that New York offers its residents. We will suggest energy efficient changes that will also increase your home's comfort noticeably.

Rebates and Incentives in New York
For a valuable list of energy rebates in NY, make sure you visit the DSIRE site. Once on the site, locate Policy/Incentive Types in the fourth column you feel may be applicable and review the available loans, rebates, grants and tax exemptions.

We at R Factor, Inc., strive to provide you with various ways of savings. From savings programs to tax credits, rebate programs, and more, we know that affordable energy bills are the goal!

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