Indow Window Inserts

Prevent Heat Loss With Indow Inserts!

Indow window inserts are like custom storm windows but they are easier to install and use — they just press inside your window frames without a mounting bracket. We offer six grades edged with white, brown, or black Compression Tubing. Unlike most custom storm windows, our interior window inserts can easily be made to fit any shaped window, including arches, half rounds, and more. All of our window inserts provide excellent comfort, quiet, and energy savings, but some grades are tuned to specific customer needs.

Standard Grade

Standard grade Indow inserts offer a great balance of comfort, energy efficiency, and noise reduction at our entry level price.

Acoustic Grade

Acoustic Grade reduces noise coming through operable single pane windows by 18.9 dBA which "feels," subjectively, like a 72 - 75% reduction in noise.

Museum Grade

Museum Grade inserts protect your furniture, carpets, and artwork by blocking 98% of all UV rays from sunlight coming through windows.

Shade Grade

These window inserts provide all the heat blocking and energy saving performance of low-e replacement windows but at a lower cost. Perfect for hot climates.

Sleep Panels

Indow Sleep Panels create darkness, quiet, and comfort for night-shift workers & paleo lifestyle followers. No other solution blocks 100% of light and more than 50% of noise.

Privacy Grade

These inserts feature translucent white acrylic that allows diffused light transmission while blocking details and defined shadows. Great for bathrooms & bedrooms.

Commercial Grade

Commercial Grade gives you an extra abrasion resistant coating to provide additional protection against scratching from moving & frequent cleaning.

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