New Construction

Spray foam in new homes and additions is a large part of what we do. The savings of fuel and the addition of comfort in a new home with spray foam is unequaled by any other method. Whether its open cell foam or closed cell foam you have the most comfortable home you have lived in and the most energy efficient.

New construction is defined as any new structure of wood, steel etc. Not lived in or used as of yet.

Complimentary energy assessment includes:

Site visit with interview of the home owner or tenant

Review of the energy bills

Measurement of the dwelling

Blower door testing

Energy assessment with estimate

New Construction Compliance Testing in New York State

The IECC 2015 code goes into effect Oct 3 2016 with some mandatory testing that is required before the certificate of occupancy is given by the code official. While this testing sounds complicated it really is a simple process as long as the builder follows building science guidelines.

The testing that is required is for a blower door test to be performed on the home to make sure the air changes per hour or ACH50 is in compliance. Some builders believe they build a tight home and they may be doing that, but for the most part it has never been verified. The code is written to level the playing field so that all new homes perform as stated and are compliant.

We offer a service to not only test the homes air leakage for compliance but will also review the home prior to testing so that there are no surprises at the end.

Also there is a choice for compliance called the performance path. This path not only takes into account the air leakage but also verifies that the heating systems are correctly sized, the insulation levels are correct and in the correct places and tests for proper ventilation.

Build tight and ventilate right is a saying that most people have not heard of, but in the energy efficiency circles it is the standard. Ventilation is also part of the new code. Prior to this code most homes were built and whatever they leaked was what they leaked. A poor job of stopping up any holes that would leak to the inside was not common. The homeowner paid for this in the energy bills, and for the most part this meant higher energy costs and lack of comfort. With the new code not only will there be a more comfortable living space it will also have a far reduced energy foot print.

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