Home Energy Consultations

A home energy consultation is the first step to assessing how much energy your home consumes and evaluating what can be done to make your home safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Our home energy consultation differs from other consultations because we evaluate the entire home as a unit. This way we can confidently pinpoint the causes to the problems or concerns you're experiencing and provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

Our Consultation Will:

Complete a full inspection of interior environments and exterior shell.

Examine the efficiency of energy systems.

Utilize professional equipment to verify energy losses and leaks.

Locate and detail where your home loses energy.

Locate possible health and safety hazards.

Test the CO levels in the home.

Prioritize a list of the most cost-beneficial solutions.

Our Energy Consultation Will Help You Save Money & Energy In Your Home

Air sealing, insulation, water heating, windows and doors, lights, appliances, HVAC systems and much more affect the energy use in your home. You may want to put improvements like these things on hold, but doing so will cost you in the long run.

We will identify the specific causes of the conditions your house is experiencing and provide you with affordable solutions. Sealing air leaks, adding additional insulation and addressing your HVAC system's efficiency are just a few solutions to typical energy problems found in homes. A whole house energy consultation will absolutely identify and solve any issue you are encountering.

Many energy audits subsidized by local utilities or state programs offer free features like weatherstripping or fluorescent light bulbs, but leave out essential information.  This wastes your time and doesn't solve the real problems.

Home Energy Experts You Can Trust

We have performed several hundred assessments over the past 12 years and have a track record of success. We are BPI accredited which means that the highest standard of quality is our goal.

Many customers like to know how long this process can take. Since every home is different and we want to give each home the time and attention it deserves, we usually spend anywhere from one hour to several hours evaluating the home.

Always remember, consultations alone do not save energy. The savings come when the appropriate solutions are applied. This can include adding insulation, air sealing around windows and doors, installing a replacement heating and cooling system and more!

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Consultation Questionairre

pdf symbolWonder if an energy consultation makes sense for your home? Here is a basic checklist that will let you know if you could benefit from one! Please print, complete and have this available if you are scheduled for an upcoming energy consultation with R Factor, Inc. Your inspector will review this with you the day of the appointment.
Energy Consultation Questions. Adobe Acrobat Document - 1591 KB