Attic Insulation Removal

If your roof has ever leaked or a family of squirrels or chipmunks moved into your attic, your attic insulation could be compromised. Moist insulation looses R Value and attracts mold. Dirty insulation leads to an unhealthy home. Either way, your first step toward a healthy, energy efficient home is removing the old attic insulation. R Factor can remove the damaged insulation without spreading contaminents through the rest of your home.

R Factor Removes Blown-In Insulation

R Factor uses a high power vacuum connected to hosing that reaches outside and sucks all the dust and debris out of your home where it is bagged outside for disposal. This keeps your home clean and safe.

R Factor Removes Batt Insulation

Using the same vacuum system, R Factor dismantles and removes batt insulation. This professional method avoids any possible dust contamination or potential health risks by removing the insulation directly outside, completely avoiding the home's living areas.

Why Use R Factor's Experts to Remove Insulation?

There are several reasons insulation is not a safe DIY project for homeowners. Attempting removal without adequate protection is directly linked to serious health problems. Should pests have gotten into your insulation, stirring up dust and fecal matter can lead to the contraction of potentially fatal respitory diseases. Also, older insulation could be made out of asbestos or older fiberglass products. Both these are dangerous to remove without the proper protective equipment and not readily identified by the non-professional.

A second reason involves structural safety. Often, blown-in insulation rises above the joists, making it difficult to see where you are walking. One misstep removing either blown-in or batt insulation could send your foot, or entire body, through your ceiling!

Choose the R Factor Professionals

Remove the hassles of old insulation disposal by hiring the professionals at R Factor. We can clean up your attic and crawl spaces while minimizing the risk of contamination. Batts or blown-in, we'll remove and dispose of insulation in the safest way possible.

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