Upgrading Attic Insulation in New York Homes

More money and energy is lost through a home's attic than just about any other place in the house. Upgrading your attic insulation just makes sense! Most homes throughout the country have an attic space that is filled with an improper amount of insulation or the insulation has been incorrectly installed.

Upgrading Your Attic Insulation to the Most Efficient Standards Can Reduce Your Heating & Air Conditioning Bill By 20% or More.

Spray Foamed Attic

Combine Attic Insulation Upgrades & Air Sealing For Reduced Home Energy Bills 

Baffles are plastic spacers that are attached above the attic floor and keep an airway open for proper ventilation. To prevent the conditioned air that is inside your home from escaping up into the attic, you should air-seal prior to re-insulating your attic.

Attics need proper ventilation. Plastic baffles can be installed between the roof rafters in an attic before new insulation is installed. This provides a ventilation airway which lets the air travel from the soffit vents located in the eaves of your house, up to the ridge vent that runs the length of the roof peak. This attic add-on can help prevent ice dams Depending on the situation the BPI standards call for different square footage for the actual sizing of the vent area. If there is a vapor barrier there is one method and if the is no vapor barrier there is another. R factor can calculate these and make the right recommendation based on the situation.

Save Energy and Money With An Insulation Upgrade!

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